euroCRIS and Current Research Information Systems

euroCRIS is a professional not-for-profit association of Current Research Information System (CRIS) experts. euroCRIS promotes sharing of ideas and experiences, collaboration and joint activities among members and wider. Particularly, euroCRIS and its members contribute to the development and evolution of CERIF, a standard data model for CRISs and for interoperability.
This meeting is organized by Cineca, an Italian University Consortium. In addition to presentations by euroCRIS experts and Italian institutions, a special topic CRIS in a university IT environment will be discussed.



Videos of the eurocris meeting are now available online.
PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded from the eurocris website.


Day two of the euroCRIS meeting, the Italian Session has just ended.
Follow the meeting on twitter, the hashtag is #eurocris.


Day One of the euroCRIS meeting is going very well.
There are around 70 attendees from 15 countries.
All the meeting will be registered and videos and slides will be available after the meeting.


The VOA3R and euroCRIS joint meeting has started. Brigitte Joerg presented the CERIF model and now Miguel Sicilia is presenting the VOA3R project technical overview.


Cineca provides a special free bus service from the Bologna city center to Cineca, and back to Bologna. The bus service will be available for 4 days, from May 25th to May 28th (in order to support the pre-meeting and post meeting activities). The bus service starts from the main Bologna square in the city center, it also stops again near the train station, and then it arrives at Cineca after 20 minutes.
The official Bus Service timetable has been published.
Download the detailed map of the Bus service.